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“Is that a compliment?”: Christopher Nolan’s British Humor Was Laid So Thick Even Emily Blunt Had Trouble Knowing If He’s Serious or Actually Joking

Actress Emily Blunt gained critical acclaim for her performance as Kitty Oppenheimer in the biographical drama film Oppenheimer, directed by Christopher Nolan. The film was a commercial success and earned Blunt her first Best Supporting Actress nomination at the Academy Awards.

Emily Blunt’s performance in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer earned critical acclaim (Credit: Universal).

During an interview, Blunt spoke about the experience of working with Nolan and highlighted the director’s sense of humor. The actress recalled one incident where it was difficult to ascertain whether Nolan was joking or serious about his comments. Here is what Blunt shared about Nolan’s sense of humor.

Emily Blunt Revealed How Christopher Nolan’s Humor Left Her Perplexed

Emily Blunt starred in 2023’s Oppenheimer, which was a major critical and commercial success, winning seven Academy Awards. Given the film’s period setting and intense subject material, it must have been quite the undertaking for director Christopher Nolan.

Christopher Nolan made fun of Emily Blunt’s hair while filming Oppenheimer (Credit: Today | YouTube).

However, during an appearance on The Last Show With Stephen Colbert, Blunt revealed that Nolan did not let go of his sense of humor during the filming. The actress narrated an incident where Nolan made fun of her hairstyle.

Blunt stated that while filming one scene on a particularly windy day, her hair was acting out. The next day, Nolan came to her and commented on her hair in the takes for the scene.

He comes in the next day after watching the dailies, and he goes, ‘Had a look at that scene and I thought Wow, Emily Blunt, high winds actress.’ And I was like, ‘Is that a compliment?’

Blunt made the above statement expressing her confusion as to whether Nolan was joking or serious with his comment. Furthermore, Blunt’s statement also demonstrated Nolan’s dry British humor, which even Blunt initially found hard to understand.

Emily Blunt Found the Perfect Opportunity to Hand it Back to Christopher Nolan

During the same interview, Blunt stated that she eventually realized Christopher Nolan was making fun of her. However, she later got the perfect opportunity to return the favor.

Emily Blunt in Oppenheimer
Emily Blunt dished back at Christopher Nolan by using his punchline on him (Credit: Oppenheimer | Universal).

Blunt revealed while filming the court hearing scene Nolan was standing in front of the AC unit. As a result, the Inception director’s hair was rapidly moving in the wind, resembling Blunt’s struggles with her hair from earlier.

I was waiting to catch his eye for the longest time and eventually, I caught his eye and I went ‘High winds directing.’

Blunt made the above comment, explaining how she got even with Nolan by returning a punchline in the same style the director had made fun of her.

Furthermore, Blunt added that Nolan was appreciative of her joke, proving that despite the challenges of helming a film like Oppenheimer, the director was pretty laid back on set. Nolan eventually won his first Best Director Oscar for his work on the film.

Oppenheimer is streaming on Peacock.

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