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Inside Steve Bannon’s glam prison ‘Club Fed’ where celebs enjoy ‘crafts and music lessons’ as he starts 4 month sentence

STEVE Bannon, a former political strategist for Donald Trump, will be kicking it back during his four-month prison sentence in a top-notch facility.

Bannon, 70, arrived at the Danbury Prison which is a Federal Correctional Institution in Connecticut – also known as Club Fed – on Monday.


Steve Bannon will be staying in a low-security prison for his four-month sentence[/caption]


The Federal Correctional Institution is located in Danbury, Connecticut[/caption]


The Danbury prison has multiple activities for inmates and a bakery[/caption]

Bannon was sentenced to four months in prison for not cooperating with subpoenas issued to him by the Capital Attack committee which was investigating the incident at the time. 

He claimed he didn’t go through with the subpoenas due to advice from his lawyer

Bannon requested to have his prison time delayed, after a two-year sentencing delay. 

But the Supreme Court denied his request on Friday and now he is off to do his time at a cushy prison.


Danbury prison is a low-security prison that is referred to as hospitable. 

It currently is hosting Ghislaine Maxwell, who was convicted of child sex trafficking for crimes involved with Jeffrey Epstein

The author of Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison, Piper Kerman, also wrote her memoir on her experience in the prison. 

Lauryn Hill, a six-time Grammy winner, had to spend six months in prison after not paying $ 1 million in taxes

An expert on federal prison, Justin Paperny, said Danbury prison would be pristine when compared to where Maxwell was transferred from called Metropolitan Detention Center.

“She will actually feel like she’s in Disneyland compared to where she is now,” Paperny told The Independent in 2022 when Maxwell was being sentenced.

Paperny also described the intricate activities the Danbury prisoners can participate in during their stay.

Activities include group therapy for mental health, hobby crafts, music lessons, circuit training, and aerobics. 

Danbury’s kind of known as a sweet spot because there’s not a lot of inmates there.

Ian Bick, who spent time in Danbury for wire fraud

Ian Bick, who hosts a podcast called Locked In with Ian Bick, and spent time in Danbury for wire fraud said the prison has perks.

He shared some positives about Danbury prison: it has a bakery and is not overcrowded.

“Danbury’s kind of known as a sweet spot because there’s not a lot of inmates there,” Bick told Corrections1.

Bannon has been active in Trump’s election campaign despite his legal troubles.

He insists his prison time will not hold him back from being an influence on the camping.

What can Steve Bannon expect in prison?

Former White House strategist for Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, will serve a four-month sentence at a Danbury Prison in Connecticut following his conviction.

Danbury is a small, low-security prison with less than 1,200 male and female inmates. It has been described as “one of the more hospitable penitentiaries” in the United States, per The Independent.

It houses white-collar criminals as well as some violent offenders and sex offenders, according to CNN.

While serving his sentence, Bannon won’t have access to the internet. However, he will be able to send emails without attachments, but they are monitored by the prison and sent on a delay.

The former strategist will also be allowed to use his hundreds of minutes of call time a month for 15-minute phone calls on a wall-mounted phone.

If an inmate uses all their minutes before the month is over, there isn’t an option to get more.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons code also does not allow inmates to have a business while incarcerated.

Convicted child sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell has served her 20 year sentence at the prison since 2022.

Justin Paperny, an expert on federal prisons, said Danbury was “Disneyland” compared to the Metropolitan Detention Center where Maxwell previously was for 13 months, according to The Independent.

“I’m going to be more powerful in prison than I am now,” Bannon told CNN.

“I’m not going to be sitting there going, ‘Oh, woe is me.

“I’m working 24/7 on this campaign.

“I will have a much bigger impact on the campaign when I’m in prison than I have now.”

The U.S. Sun has reached out to Danbury prison for comment.

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