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I’m trolled for not being a ‘proper traveller’ – people think we live to serve our husbands & cleaning

A TRAVELLER woman has hit back at trolls who claim she isn’t part of her community.

She took to social media to hit back at meanies revealing the stereotypes people assume about women from the traveller community.


Suzy hit back at mean trolls who said she wasn’t a proper traveller[/caption]


She joked about the stereotypes of gypsy women[/caption]

Suzy, who is known online as @cuzinsuzyofficial1, often uses her social media platform to educate people about traveller traditions.

The mum-of-one recently received a comment which read: “She’s not a traveller, they would not act like this thing does.”

Sarcastically responding with the correct way traveller woman should behaviour she said: “How to be a proper traveller, according to TikTok.

“First off, tend to the husband.”

She joked that the wives belong to their husbands and it was one of their only purposes to keep their men happy.

The traveller woman also joked that the women spend all their time at home cleaning.

She added: “Clean, make sure it’s all fresh.

“Clean some more.

“That’s all we’re good for.”

Another common misconception was that traveller women spend hours in the kitchen cooking where they ‘belong’.

She also revealed that style was a big thing in the community from wearing fur coats, ‘painting your eyebrows on’ and wearing gypsy bangles.

The clip has since gone viral on her TikTok account @cuzinsuzyofficial1 with over 109k views and 8,000 likes.

People were quick to praise Suzy’s sarcastic response to the hater.

One person wrote: “You always brighten my day so funny.”

Another commented: “Your replies crack me up every time.”

Facts on Gypsy and Traveller communities

Typically, Gypsies is a term used to describe Romani people, who migrated to Europe from India. 

Meanwhile, traveller refers to a group of people who usually have either Irish, Scottish or English heritage. 

It’s though that around 300,000 Gypsy Roma and Irish Travellers live in the UK.

Both groups come from nomadic ways of life, however, as it is increasingly difficult to find land to live on many are moving into permanent housing.

They place high value on family life and often live close together even after reaching adult years and getting married.

Often the men are the breadwinners of the family while the women stay home.

While many English gypsy girls are allowed to drink alcohol and go on holiday with their friends before they get married, many Irish traveller girls are not allowed to do this.

“Please I can’t breath,” penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: “You are so funny lol.”

“This is brilliant,” claimed a fifth.

Someone else added: “Too funny.”

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