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I’m a proud cougar at 47 but refuse to date anyone that isn’t half my age – men in their 40s are a total drag

A 47-YEAR-OLD has revealed that she refuses to date anyone that isn’t half her age.

She said that men in their 40s don’t look after themselves properly, and have no sense of humour.





The woman known only as @fashionably.divorced said that she is a proud cougar and does not hide the fact that she has a preference for much younger men.

One of the main reasons for her penchant for toyboys is because she finds them more physically attractive.

Taking to TikTok, the woman, who hails from Maryland, US, said: “Men my age, at least in my area don’t age well and don’t take care of themselves.”

The cougar explained that because she does take care of herself and makes sure to always look her best, she can only find herself being attracted to others that do the same.

Her second reason is that she believes older men to be “battle scarred” and unwilling to take steps to heal from their past relationship trauma.

She added: “They don’t have a sense of humour, they don’t have a zest for life and intellectual curiosity, they’re a drag.”

However, she admitted that if she did want to have a serious relationship with someone, she wouldn’t choose a man more than 10 years younger than her, to prevent an uneven power dynamic.

She explained: “10 years is a window where two people can be on a level playing field because they’ve had similar life experiences.

“Younger than that, it’s possible that they haven’t”.

She added that she loves dating men half her age for a fun time, but wouldn’t stick with then long term.

The video, has likely struck a chord with many people, as it has gone viral, racking up over 84,000 views on the video sharing platform.

TikTok users raced to the video’s comments section to share their thoughts, with many sharing details of their own age gap relationships.

One person said: “My partner is 32 and I’m 58.

“We’ve been together for four years”.

A-list age gap relationships that have stood the test of time

  1. Kris Jenner & Corey Gamble – 25 years
    The Kardashian matriarch met her younger man at a mutual friend’s 40th birthday party in Ibiza. They’ve been together since August 2014.
  2. Sam & Aaron Taylor-Johnson – 23 years
    The director and actor reportedly met at a film audition in 2009, and were married by 2012. The pair share two daughters and Sam has two children from a previous marriage.
  3. Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley & Jason Statham – 20 years
    The model started dating actor Jason in 2010. They were wed in 2016 and have since welcomed a son and a daughter together.
  4. Catherine Zeta-Jones & Michael Douglas – 25 years
    The pair was introduced at a film festival in 1996 and engaged three years later. Shortly after their engagement, the couple welcomed a son and married in 2000.

Another person said: “Same! Men our age are oooold!

“Give me something to keep up with”.

A third person said: “I absolutely agree.

“I’ve had the most fun of my life at 43 dating a 25-year-old.”

A fourth added: “I’m 54 and my husband of 4 years is 27.”

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