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I’m a gardening expert – try a £2 hack using a throwaway item to banish slugs and snails from your garden 

A GARDENING expert has revealed a simple trick to banish slugs and snails from your garden.

It’s completely free, and leaves the invertebrates unharmed.


Slugs and snails can cause damage to your garden[/caption]


Simon recommended using an old plank of wood to get rid of them[/caption]


The slugs will gravitate towards the plank[/caption]

Slugs and snails can be a real pest in the Summer season, as they love to much on plants and vegetables.

Taking to TikTok, gardening whizz Simon Akeroyd shared how he gets rid of the pesky critters, using just an old plank of wood.

The gardener said: “If you see a slug or snail damaging your veggies, place a damp plank on the edge of the bed border.

“If it’s dry, give it a quick soak”.

Simon recommended using a thick plank, as they retain moisture better.

Once your plank is nice and moist, he advised placing on the shadier end of your flower beds.

The gardener revealed that the plank will then create an attractive habitat for slugs and snails.

Slugs and snails are naturally drawn to damp and shaded environments.

Therefore, during the night, they will gravitate towards the wet underside of the plank.

In the morning, Simon revealed you can inspect the bottom of the plank to see if any critters are hiding there.

He said: “It’s a simple and effective way to gather these pests in one place.

“You can then relocate them to areas where they won’t eat your veggies.”

Simon’s video has likely left many people impressed, as it has racked up over 636,000 views on the video sharing platform.

TikTok users raced to the video’s comments section to share their thoughts.

Why having slugs in your garden is a good thing

Yes, they chomp your precious plants, but having slugs in your garden should be celebrated.

Rebecca Miller, Associate Editor for Fabulous, and novice gardener, believes we should work in harmony with slugs and not try to get rid of them altogether.

“We’ve been conditioned as a society to believe we must have gardens with straight edges, short lawns with pretty stripes and perfect borders with flowers constantly blooming.

But unruly hedgerows, abundance of tall wildflowers buzzing with insects, and bugs and slugs galore in flowerbeds is totally natural – and necessary.

I understand that your plants might be very precious to you, but we need slugs and snails. They provide food for all sorts of mammals, birds, slow worms, earthworms, insects – and they are part of the natural balance.

By removing them, we upset the ecosystem and can do a lot of harm – thrushes in particular thrive on them! 

It is said British Gardeners use some 650 billion slug pellets per year! Please find a natural alternative – the poison from slug pellets enters the food chain and can kill hedgehogs, who consider slugs and snails as a tasty treat. 

If you’re truly desperate, consider using Diatomaceous Earth – it is a naturally occurring compound approved for organic use, that can be used for pest control.

And while you’re at it, challenge yourself to grow “sacrificial plants”.

Sacrificial planting, commonly known as trap cropping, is the deliberate act of growing plants to attract pests. Pick a slugs favourite vegetable or ornamental plant for them to nibble on, and they will leave your more precious plants alone.”

One person said: “Love this! I have always loved slugs and snails, and hate to kill them”.

Another person said: “I give them to my chickens, they love slugs.”

A third added: “This is honestly so clever”.

A forth joked: “I just chuck mine into my neighbours’ garden.”

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