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I was a teen mum at 13 but have three major regrets – they didn’t stopped me from having another kid though

A WOMAN who fell pregnant aged 13 has shared the three major regrets she has from being a teen mum. 

Maddie Lambert-Crowley, 20, made headlines seven years ago when she fell pregnant in Year Nine. 


Maddie made headlines when she fell pregnant aged 13[/caption]


The mum-of-two is now married to Randy Crowley[/caption]

Now a mum-of-two and happily married, she playfully self-styles as “that girl who got pregnant at 13”.

It has not all been smooth sailing for Maddie, who has some regrets from her teenage years. 

When she welcomed Everly Joy, now six, the teen mum found herself embroiled in a very public custody spat with the teen dad’s family. 

And years later, she has shared her regret over “publicly beefing with her baby daddy” on social media. 

She also regrets VLOGGING the custody hearing process for thousands of strangers on the internet to see. 

Maddie welcomed her second child in March, a baby boy named Ryder James, with her husband, Randy Crowley.

And although Everly has a different dad to her little brother, he’s still in the picture following the public custody battle in 2018.

He and Maddie, from Texas, US, had already separated before finding out she was pregnant. 

Maddie took to Instagram to confess her teen mum regrets.

“2018/2019 Maddie was a mess,” she said. 

What’s more, the social media star has previously admitted that she regrets being judgmental towards other teen mums.

Before Maddie gave birth to little Everly Joy in January 2018 at 14-years-old, she says she used to “judge” other teen mums. 

“I’d always look down on teen mums, if I’m being completely honest,” she revealed. 

“I think that was just from a lack of knowing what it’s really like.

UK Teen Mum Statistics

Teen pregnancies in the UK have been decreasing considerably since 2007…

The under-18 conception rate has decreased considerably since 2007, reports Nuffield Trust.

Between 2007 and 2021, the under-18 conception rate in England and Wales decreased by 68%, from 42 per 1,000 women to 13 per 1,000 women.

This resulted in 13,131 under-18 conceptions in England and Wales in 2021.

“Whenever you would see the media surrounding teen mums, you see the TV shows.

“And it’s just really negative and it shows a lot of drama.

“When I actually got pregnant, I was so scared of the reaction people were gonna give. 

“I did get a lot of negative reactions, a lot of hate.”

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