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I treated my severe sunburn with an unexpected $8 drugstore buy – it took most of the redness and pain away overnight

IF you’re prone to burning in the sunny weather, an unexpected item in your medicine cabinet may be able to help.

One woman praised the unusual hack for reducing her skin’s redness overnight.

A Reddit user revealed the unusual product she uses to treat bad sunburns (stock image)

Commenting on a Reddit post, user AprilHarrison1981 revealed the budget item she swears by for treating sunburns.

Answering another poster’s request for DIY soothing tricks, the Redditor shared her secret solution.

“Believe it or not, liquid Maalox,” the social media user explained.

Mylanta’s Maximum Strength Antacid is available for $7.58 from Amazon.

April recalled discovering the hack while she was suffering from sun poisoning “a few years ago.”

She offered some context to how much pain she was in after the overexposure.

“I’m talking it was bad enough that even my eyelids were burned and swollen,” she said.

“[I] rubbed that on lightly with a very soft cloth,” she explained.

The Redditor praised the fast-acting effect of the heartburn medication.

“Most of the redness and pain were gone by the next morning,” she reported.

Mylanta’s antacid tablets contain magnesium hydroxide, which is also known as milk of magnesia.

Medical News Today reported on the benefits of milk of magnesia in sunburn relief.

They addressed the ingredient’s role in easing the pain and burning sensation caused by sunburns.

While the hack may work for some, they explained there are no studies to back it up.

Instead, they recommend opting for over-the-counter pain relief and aloe vera.

How does sunscreen prevent aging?

Dr. Michael Aziz, an internist and the author of the upcoming book The Ageless Revolution, explained how sunscreen prevents aging.

“Sunscreen protects your skin by acting as a barrier against harmful UV rays,” Dr. Aziz told The U.S. Sun.

“There are two main types of sunscreen ingredients: mineral and chemical.

“Mineral ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide form a physical shield, reflecting UV light away from the skin.

“Without SPF protection, your skin may develop uneven pigmentation in an effort to shield itself from the sun’s rays, leading to potential sun damage such as sunspots and premature aging.

“Using sunscreen is essential to prevent this and maintain healthy skin.”

The experts also advised anyone suffering from severe sunburns to seek medical attention.

Another ingredient present in the antacid product is benzyl alcohol.

Byrdie reported on the benefits of the alcohol when it comes to skincare.

As well as having antioxidant properties, benzyl alcohol has healing effects.

The ingredient may also play a role in anti-aging due to its ability to promote collagen production.


The Reddit user revealed that she uses Mylanta antacid to treat her sunburns[/caption]

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