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I stunted my hair growth by making a shower mistake – a scalp technique revived it, I use a $6 Amazon buy & an old tee

HOW you wash your hair may be hindering its growth and causing it to thin out.

One woman revealed the simple changes she made to her haircare routine to grow out her locks.

Natalya Toryanski spoke to The U.S. Sun about the tricks she used to boost her hair growth
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Natalya’s hair was shoulder-length and thinning in 2022 before she made some simple changes
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Natalya Toryanski spoke exclusively to The U.S. Sun about her hair transformation.

“My hair was shoulder length when I realized that I needed to nurse it back to health,” she explained.

Natalya attributed her hair troubles to “stress and a myriad of unfortunate factors.”

In 2022, she began to consciously treat her locks better and noticed a significant boost in growth as a result.

“The hair growth wasn’t intentional – it was an unintentional result of the wonderful products and techniques that I began using,” she said.

She explained that her everyday routine was causing more harm than good.

“I was unknowingly harming my hair in a few different ways,” Natalya said.

She pointed out that most people avoid washing their hair every day because they don’t want to dry it out.

“Because of this advice, I believe people end up not washing their hair enough,” she said.

“I was washing my hair only once per week and the growth was completely stunted.”

Natalya explained that “keeping your hair follicles super clean and clear is extremely important for growth.”

She compared hair follicles to the pores on your face.

“We try to keep our pores clear and clean to prevent skin breakouts, well the same goes for the follicles on your scalp,” she said.

She explained that products such as dry shampoo, hairspray, hair gels, leave-in treatments, heat protectants, and serums build up over the week.

“This causes follicles to become blocked and hinders the growth of each individual hair,” Natalya said.

She called scalp health the “number one determiner of hair
growth,” explaining that “the cleaner and clearer you keep your scalp, the quicker your hair will grow.”

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And when you do wash your hair, Natalya emphasized the importance of the rinse and repeat rule.

“Always double shampoo in the shower to ensure thorough cleansing and oil your hair at least a couple times a month,” she advised.

Natalya named Pureology’s $37 Hydrate Shampoo as her go-to, explaining that investing in high-end products is the way to go.

“You know what they say, ‘Buy it nice or buy it twice,’” she said.

Double shampooing isn’t the only shower technique Natalya swears by.

    She revealed that she uses “a cheap silicone hair massager” to “achieve that deep clean that keeps the hair follicles clear and healthy.”

    Natalya revealed that a simple shower mistake was hindering her hair’s growth
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    Natalya recommended double shampooing and using a scalp massager every time you wash your hair
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    A silicone scalp massager is available from Amazon for $5.40.

    Natalya also explained why she avoids using a towel when drying her locks.

    “Using a 100% cotton T-shirt to dry your hair post-shower is a much better option for your hair than a rough bath towel,” she said.

    She pointed out that the tee is gentler on your hair than most towels and helps to prevent breakage.

    Natalya also broke down her hair oiling routine, which she recommended doing “a few times a month.”

    She described the method as “incredibly effective for hair growth and moisturization.”

    For her first step, she applied rosemary oil to the roots and massaged it with the silicone hair massager.

    Next, she added castor oil, focusing on the body to the ends of the hair.

    “Leave it in for a few hours or overnight and then double shampoo and condition it as normal,” she advised.

    Natalya recommended the Kérastase Elixir Ultime Hydrating Hair Oil Serum, available for $16.35 from Walmart, which she called “liquid gold.”

    For more information on the influencer’s haircare routine, you can visit her TikTok (@natalyatoryanski).

    Natalya shared a step-by-step guide to the hair oiling routine she credits with boosting her growth
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