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“I love you but you’re not that fun”: Elden Ring DLC Shadow of the Erdtree Pushes Up the Bloodborne Player Count, But Some See the Shortcomings Above All Else

With the release of Shadow of the Erdtree, the popularity of FromSoftware continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, even now for games like Bloodborne. Elden Ring has become the studio’s most successful game, having sold over 20 million copies. 

Because of this success, fans of this type of game are starting to try other similar games from the same developers. One of these games is Bloodborne, which has recently shown a significant increase in its player base. These players are less satisfied with returning to this game after trying other studio games.

Bloodborne Gains Over 50% More Players on PlayStation Thanks to Elden Ring

There are some very weird Bloodborne fans out there.
There are some very strange Bloodborne fans out there. Image via FromSoftware.

After its announcement, FromSoftware players and fans couldn’t wait to try the new Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree. This release turned out to be much better than expected by the studio, and the community is thoroughly enjoying all the new content.

Even past games from the studio have seen a boost in popularity due to this release, one of which is Bloodborne. The game is a success on PlayStation.

New reports indicate that this title, launched exclusively for the PS4, has achieved an impressive 50% increase in players. Such occurrences are quite common when a studio is popular and consistently produces high-quality games.

The comparison is unavoidable.

There are also some surprising players.

However, several players don’t share the same opinion about this game, despite having recently re-downloaded it to give it another try. The opinions are mixed compared to other titles.

The Studio Continues an Impressive Streak of High-Quality Games

Elden Ring success is unprecedented.
Elden Ring‘s success is unprecedented. Image via FromSoftware.

A user on X tried to upset the entire Bloodborne community by saying that they had to abandon the game after 5 minutes because it no longer compares to the studio’s newer titles.

Numerous users responded, accusing the player of intentionally inciting anger among the fans. For years, players have been asking for this particular title to also be released on PC. Every new announcement made players recover their hope.

One of the things players constantly request is that this title get a new version, a sequel, or at the very least be released on other consoles. The studio systematically states that this is entirely Sony’s decision.

Although years have passed, it seems fans will never lose hope that this could happen someday. The community is always trying to have this franchise, in particular, revised for new players.

Elden Ring continues to enjoy a level of popularity that exceeds any projection the studio had for the game. Now, players want to know what will come next after this release, but FromSoftware has not said anything about it yet.

Many fans want old franchises like Dark Souls to return, while others hope the studio will release a new IP unrelated to previous works. The release date of this new game remains unknown.

What are your thoughts on the title’s popularity resurgence? Let us know in the comments!

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