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‘I hate Walmart,’ rages shopper after being forced to show receipt for $2 item – employee had crazy reason for checking

A WALMART shopper has been furious over being stopped at the exit door for a receipt check with just flip flops in her hands. 

The Walmart employee insisted a receipt check must be done because the shopper did not have a bag for the $2 flip-flops.


Walmart shopper Lisa Hill showed her receipt for the $2 flip-flops that an employee checked over[/caption]

X user and shopper Lisa Hill shared her experience at Walmart in an annoyed post.

Hill is shocked Walmart would enforce checking her receipt for one minuscule product. 

“Walking out of Walmart exactly like this and the guy stops me to check my receipt,” Hill said.

Hill went over how she was stopped because of her flip-flops being unbagged. 

“Because I ‘didn’t have a bag,’” Hill said.

“It’s f**king $2 flip-flops. 

“I hate Walmart.”


Walmart implemented receipt checks at most of its stores as it increased self-checkouts and for security purposes. 

Theft has become a prevalent issue and receipt checks are intended to curb people from getting away with it.

However, many customers dislike the anti-theft policy and refuse to partake in it. 

Customers who know their rights won’t stop because Walmart can’t enforce receipt checks without good reason. 

“I don’t stop, by law I don’t have to,” another Walmart shopper ranted in a post on Facebook.

The smart Walmart shopper did discuss how her store will stop people if they don’t have a bag, like Hill’s situation. 

Top 5 receipt checking tips from a lawyer

Camron Dowlatshahi, a Los Angeles attorney, spoke to The U.S. Sun about receipt checks and customer’s rights and options when it came to being asked to show your receipt.

  1. There has been a lot of debate around the legality of a retailer asking to see your receipt, but if it is within the store, it is completely legal. “There’s seemingly nothing illegal about that. You’re still on the company’s premises and their reason to do it is to prevent thefts,” Dowlatshahi confirms.
  2. However, if they are chasing you out of the store, that changes things, Dowlatshahi said. “Location matters,” he explained. “If you’re outside of the store you’re in the parking lot and they come and start accusing you of theft and that you have to show your receipt, I think that’s a bit of a different situation because now you’re on your way.”
  3. While customers are allowed to say no to receipt checks, it may cause issues if you do and the store suspects you of stealing. “You can say no, maybe it creates an unnecessary hassle for yourself because now you may have the police come to your house and follow up,” said Dowlatshahi.
  4. If you are being barred from leaving a store because you refused a receipt check, you could have a legal case — but the store must have held you for a long time. “Let’s say it’s for hours, that’s certainly false imprisonment, and they didn’t have any impetus for doing so,” Dowlatshahi explained. “If a customer has been emotionally traumatized by being held for false imprisonment, I would definitely encourage [them] to sue.”
  5. “I would say, show your receipt,” he concluded. “It’s just a really simple thing to do. If you didn’t steal anything, it’s relatively simple to do,” the lawyer advised.

(According to Camron Dowlatshahi, a founding partner at Mills Sadat Dowlat LLP)

“I have my receipt and keep going,” the shopper continued. 

“My Walmart only really checks if it’s not in a bag.”

The shopper is open about disliking the policy as she refuses to stop in her tracks if they demand so.

“And they can follow me to my car and look at it while I load up the car.”

According to Daniel Tsai, a Canadian lawyer, security guards can not detain people, only the police can.

“Depending on the state and jurisdiction, when a store stops a customer that it suspects of shoplifting, it is effectively engaging in a citizen’s arrest whereby they are using the powers of a police officer to detain the suspect,” Tsai told The U.S. Sun.

The U.S. Sun has reached out to Walmart for comment.

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