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“I had blood coming down my face”: Johnny Galecki Punched Kaley Cuoco in Front of Everyone on The Big Bang Theory Set, Forcing Chuck Lorre to Come up With a New Rule

Starring an ensemble cast, including Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, and Jim Parsons among others, The Big Bang Theory has been hailed as one of the greatest sitcoms. However, as fun and enjoyable as the series had been, putting it out for the fans certainly wasn’t an easy task for the showrunners, especially managing a cast prone to pranks and potential mishaps.

The Big Bang Theory
The Big Bang Theory | Credit: CBS

To avoid such circumstances, showrunner Chuck Lorre implemented some measures and rules to be followed by the cast, one of which was the result of Cuoco and Galecki’s playful antics.

Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki’s Prank Led to Unexpected Consequences

Following Kaley Cuoco’s serious incident in 2010, in which she nearly lost her leg, showrunner Chuck Lorre implemented some strict rules for the cast of The Big Bang Theory. The new rules were to keep the cast members from doing risky leisure activities.

Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco in The Big Bang Theory
Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco in The Big Bang Theory | Credit: CBS

However, it was soon followed by additional rules for on-set behavior. While filming one of the scenes for Episode 16 of Season 6, Cuoco and Johnny Galecki planned to pull a prank, which involved the actor fake punching Cuoco causing her to fall off the chair.

The two thought that it would be a fun blooper reel and would potentially crack the cast and crew present on the set into laughter. They followed up with their plans, with Galecki punching his co-star in the head. However, things took an unexpected turn.

A still from The Big Bang Theory
A still from The Big Bang Theory | Credit: CBS

Instead of laughter, their pranks were met with horrified reactions as Cuoco had split her head and was bleeding. The Flight Attendant star reflected on the incident in her interview for The Big Bang Theory: The Definitive, Inside Story of the Epic Hit Series.

“I came up from the table saying, ‘How fun was that?,’ only to realize I had blood coming down my face as if I was in a boxing match,” she recalled. The incident, which left the actress with stitches in her head, led the showrunner to ban such pranks on the set.

Chuck Lorre Banned Practical Jokes on the Set

The injury Kaley Cuoco sustained during her prank, caused her to pay a visit to the surgeon and get stitches. And the incident prompted Chuck Lorre, the creator of the sitcom, to enforce strict measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

The Big bang Theory
The Big Bang Theory | Credit: CBS

The actress recalled when she returned to the set of the show, she was greeted by signs prohibiting pranks and getting involved in practical jokes. “The next day on set, there were all these signs,” she said.

Cuoco recalled the signs stating, “‘No more jokes! No more rough-housing!’” Cuoco further noted, “I mean, we thought it was so funny, but no one else did.” With a key character injured, the director had to carefully shoot Penny’s scenes to conceal Cuoco’s injury from viewers.

The Big Bang Theory is available to stream on Max.

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