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“I don’t understand why anyone can EVER doubt Mihawk”: Eiichiro Oda’s Revelation About Fujitora Will Make You Respect One Piece’s Strongest Swordsman Even More

Eiichiro Oda’s anime and manga series One Piece stands tall as one of the most renowned and entertaining works of all time. One of the Big Three, alongside Bleach and Naruto, is regarded as a masterpiece and has a gigantic fan base around the world.

Conqueror's Haki in Eiichiro Oda's One Piece
A still from One Piece. Credits: Toei Animation

The series has been running for 25 years and has continued to delight its viewers with an ever-evolving narrative about Monkey D. Luffy and his crew. Throughout the years, there have been several topics to discuss, one of them being the strongest swordsman in the show.

However, Oda-Sensei has revealed that the Fujitora is a wielder of one of the Supreme Grade Blades. The revelation surprised the fans so much that they started to respect Dracule Mihawk even more.

Eiichiro Oda Drops a Surprising Secret About Fujitora

Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece is teeming with secrets, and it has piqued the interest of the fans as they are looking for so many questions and hidden truths in the show. Throughout the years, there has been a raging discussion on what the Supreme Grade Blades are and who would be the strongest wielder them of all.

Eiichiro Oda shares Fujitora is one of the user of the Supreme Grade Blades
Fujitora in One Piece. Credits: Toei Animation

For fans who don’t know, Supreme Grade Blades are the 12 most prized blades in the One Piece world, also known as Saijō Ō Wazamono blades. These 12 blades are of supreme quality and, based on their ranking, have incredible durability.

They can cut through anything, like a hot knife through butter. On several occasions in the story, viewers have seen a glimpse of what these blades are capable of in the hands of a skilled swordsman.

Mihawk wields Yoru, an all-black blade.
Dracule Mihawk in One Piece. Credits: Toei Animation

Recently, Oda-Sensei (revealed via @pewpiece) on X that the Marine admiral, Fujitora, was one of the wielders of the Saijō Ō Wazamono blade. He said,

It’s called the “やくざ火線” (Yakuza Kasen – Yakuza Firing Line). It’s a “shikomizue” (swordstick, cane sword) and its one of the Supreme Grade Blades. Its a meito (named blade) made by Fugetsu Kisaburou from Wano Country.

This revelation is quite intriguing because Dracule Mihawk is another wielder of the Supreme Grade Blades. He is the World’s Strongest Swordsman in the series and has risen to his position at a young age, and fans have seen his power on several occasions in the story.

Oda-Sensei’s Revelation Has Made The Fans Admire Greatly of Dracule Mihawk

Dracule Mihawk is known to be the wielder of Yoru, one of the 12 Saijō Ō Wazamono blades. Although the origins of the sword remain in One Piece as of now, one thing is clear: the sword is tremendously strong.

A still from One Piece
Zoro vs. Mihawk. Credits: Toei Animation

However, that’s not all because Yoru has a black blade, which makes it extremely durable, and it can slice through anything. While any sword can be blackened by infusing the user’s Haki, Yoru is not like the others because it has an all-black blade, which is extremely rare.

Even though the rank of Yoru is unknown in the show, it is certain that Dracule Mihawk is indeed the greatest swordsman in Oda-Sensei’s magnum opus. Fans are surprised by the mangaka’s revelation at SBS 109, as they commented on the post.

Since the show is nearing its end, it is only a matter of time before the anime reveals all of its mysteries and secrets, leaving fans of the series surprised and stunned by what Oda-Sensei has in store for them.

One Piece can be streamed on Crunchyroll.

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