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‘How families are managing,’ cry Costco members as price hikes raise bill to $500 – they even removed expensive items

COSTCO customers are buying less and spending more at stores as many struggle to get necessities.

As grocery prices continue to rise, shoppers are making critical decisions about what is in their cart.


Costco shoppers discussed high prices after a customer showed her small haul that totaled nearly $500[/caption]

FB/Kimberly J Bartlett Machan

A Costco shopper said these groceries cost her $487[/caption]

FB/Kimberly J Bartlett Machan

The customer said they had put back most of the items they planned on buying before checking out[/caption]

The inflation rate is 3.4%, including a 2.1% increase in food prices over the past year.

Even shoppers at stores like Costco that pride themselves on value have started seeing higher prices.

Kimberly Machan explained in a Facebook post that she was forced to leave behind some items when she saw the prices at the Costco checkout.

“How are people eating?” she started off the rant.

“I have no idea how families are managing. We did a quick shop at Costco, and this cart that didn’t have much in it was nearly $500.00. I left behind so much because it was just too much.”

There were packs of four or five steaks each that ranged between $76 and $101.

A bag of green grapes cost $12, and 10 kiwis were the same price.

She only bought 19 items, and her total was $487.41.

Her cart included mayonnaise, mustard, a multi-pack of cookies, lunch meat, and a bag of chips.

“I used to spend around $2000 a month for six of us for groceries and necessities, and we had plenty. Now there are two of us, and it’s still anywhere from $1500-$2000 a month,” she wrote.

Machan pointed out that ordering food was sometimes cheaper than buying groceries.

“I genuinely have no idea how people are surviving. Are they living on cheap pasta? Carbs? Filler-filled, no-name brand burgers and hot dogs? For someone making minimum wage, that’s a full day’s pay just for those steaks.”

In the comments, people shared similar experiences with price hikes.

“Things are so costly, prices are out of hand!” wrote one person.

“The other thing that I noticed is that you are paying more for less product. No wonder so many are struggling!”

Costco membership sharing guidelines

Costco has strict rules for membership use that shoppers must follow and they’ve been cracking down on offenders in recent years.

  • Primary Member Use: Only the primary cardholder can use this Costco membership card. Sharing it for purchases is not allowed as the photo on the card must match the person using it.
  • Household Card: Each primary member can add one free household cardholder who lives at the same address. This person will receive their own membership card and can shop at Costco independently.
  • Guest Policy: Members can bring up to two guests per visit to Costco. However, only the member can make purchases. Guests must be accompanied by the member.
  • Authorized Cardholder: For an additional fee, you can add an authorized cardholder, such as a family member or friend, who doesn’t reside at your address. They will receive their own card and can shop independently.

Credit: Costco


Costco shoppers may be eligible for a payment from the company’s $2 million settlement.

The retailer denied wrongdoing but agreed to the payment to resolve false advertising claims.

Customers who bought the Kirkland Signature Moist Flushable Wipes between July 1, 2011, and May 31, 2017, can file a claim.

“The plaintiffs claim flushing them caused damage to pipes, septic systems, sewage lines, and other plumbing,” Top Class Actions said.

“Consumers argue they would not have purchased the wipes if they knew they were not truly flushable as advertised.”

Claimants can get $1.30 for each pack of wipes they bought, with a maximum payment of $55.90.

Receipts and other proof of purchases aren’t required to claim a payment.

One Costco shopper canceled their membership and claimed it saved them $400 monthly.

Rival Sam’s Club said it would copy a key move by Costco to help shoppers save more.

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