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“He’s wanting to help Batman understand”: You Will Look at The Joker Very Differently After Knowing How Troy Baker Approached the Role to Face Jensen Ackles

Batman and Joker will always be the most iconic hero-villain duo in the superhero universe and there is no one out there who can say otherwise. Whether it is Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy or the unmatched duo of Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson, the two characters are like fine wine and expensive cheese. Classic.

Batman & Joker in Batman: The Long Halloween Part Two
Batman: The Long Halloween Part Two (2021) | Warner Bros. Pictures

A personal favorite, though, is Troy Baker’s Joker and Jensen Ackles’ Batman in Batman: The Long Halloween. Now, Troy Baker is probably the most experienced in voicing Joker since he has given his voice to the character plenty of times. Needless to say, he understands the villain better than anyone. He opened up about how he looks at Joker and his words might put things in perspective for you.

Jensen Ackles’ Co-star Troy Baker Gets Candid About Joker

Troy Baker as the Joker
Troy Baker’s Joker in The Long Halloween | Warner Bros. Pictures

Troy Baker had a lot to say about Joker and it’s quite evident that the man brought a different level of passion to the role. While discussing Batman: The Long Halloween films with ComingSoon, the actor gave fans an insight into the villain which may not have been thought of before: Joker is the hero of his own story.

Baker realized that bad guys often get the least amount of screen time in films and TV series which is why many actors would prefer playing the heroes. However, for Baker, villains were always of much more interest.

He went on to add that he firmly believes that Joker feels like he is the hero of his own story and doesn’t see himself as a truly evil guy. Baker acknowledges the fact that Joker is actually just trying to help and the chaos that he causes is, in his eyes, required for freedom.

The actor stated,

So you always want to be the good guy, but the most fun for me is still playing bad guys. And again, we’re all heroes of our own story and I firmly believe that Joker feels like he, even in this story, that what he’s doing is genuinely trying to help. He loves chaos, of course, but only because he believes that that is the path to freedom. It’s not like he’s twirling his mustache and intentionally being evil. He’s wanting to help Batman understand even early on by saying, ‘You don’t know how this is going to go. You already see the chaos. Let me help you out.’

The audience often tends to take the black-and-white route when it comes to heroes and villains but Baker’s point of view proves that there is a little bit of grey in everything and everyone, even the Clown Prince of Crime.

The One Thing Jensen Ackles Has in Common with the Joker

jensen ackles supernatural
Jensen Ackles in Supernatural (2005-2020) | Kripke Enterprises

If you’re wondering how Jensen Ackles could have anything in common with the Joker since he plays the literal hero in The Long Halloween film then Baker has the perfect answer for you.

Ackles was absolute perfection in the animated films and he did an incredible job voicing everyone’s favorite supe. Talking about his work in The Long Halloween, Baker couldn’t help but praise the Supernatural actor.

While doing so, he linked Ackles and Joker together using the word, “versatile.”

Here’s what I love about Jensen: He proved himself as an actor in the booth and it’s not like he can do just one thing. This is someone who is clearly versatile. You used that word earlier for Joker. And I would apply that same word to Jensen; that he is a versatile actor. Secondly, you get him outside of the booth and he’s just a dude. And he’s a great hang. Like he’s just a guy.

Baker went on to add that Ackles has a unique attachment to Batman which was quite evident in the films.

It’s so apparent that he has an affinity for this character. And that he approached his character, not as a job, but as an opportunity. And he really threw every bit of experience which he has, talent which he has, and passion, which he has an abundance of as well, towards this role.

Anyone who has been following Ackles for a long time knows the fact that the actor always wanted to play Batman. Perhaps it was this desire that made the actor go all out for the role.

While unfortunately, he hasn’t gotten the chance to be the Caped Crusader in live action, he has perfectly voiced the superhero multiple times.

Batman: The Long Halloween Part One and Part Two are available to rent on Apple TV+.

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