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‘Going to drive 45 miles to Target,’ swears Walmart shopper fed up with new security policies – long wait was last straw

A WALMART shopper had such an unpleasant experience while at a store that she would rather drive almost an hour to avoid going there. 

The last straw was when Walmart required a receipt check along with making the shopper wait to retrieve a product that was locked up.


The Walmart shopper can’t stand being treated like a thief with receipt checks and locked-up products[/caption]


They rather go out of their way to shop at Target to avoid the hassle[/caption]

X user Sandy posted about her experience and said she will be taking her business to Target even with the lengthy drive. 

“Worse than being asked to show a receipt at @walmart after doing their job for them: waiting for someone to come unlock the merchandise we want to buy,” Sandy said in the post

“This is some bulls**t! 

‘I’ll have to start driving 45 miles to @target for my purchases.

Another shopper chimed in to get a better understanding of Sandy’s frustration and tried to shed a positive light on receipt checks. 

“Target also has self-checkout. At least ours does. I really don’t mind the checking of the receipt, etc; there’s so much shoplifting. Which I do think increased with the self-checkout,” the other shopper replied. 

Sandy clarified that she does not want to shop at Walmart because receipt checks and locked products make her feel like she is already being considered a thief. 

“Yeah, Target in Bloomington has self-checkout but they don’t make you feel like a criminal. So much stupid stuff is locked up now at Walmart,” Sandy explained.


Walmart has upset other customers with other self-checkout policies as well.

Self-checkout at Walmart will sometimes not offer Apple Pay which has become a favored way to pay among many lately. 

A Walmart shopper expressed how this ruined their shopping experience because they could not make a purchase at first. 

“I now remember why I don’t shop at Walmart,” 

“I forgot they don’t have Apple Pay, went out to my car got my wallet, and paid for my stuff.”

Another Walmart shopper is frustrated over self-checkout lanes being closed and there being no cashiers to check people out. 

Latest self-checkout changes

Retailers are evolving their self-checkout strategy in an effort to speed up checkout times and reduce theft.

Walmart shoppers were shocked when self-checkout lanes at various locations were made available only for Walmart+ members.

Other customers reported that self-checkout was closed during specific hours, and more cashiers were offered instead.

While shoppers feared that shoplifting fueled the updates, a Walmart spokesperson revealed that store managers are simply experimenting with ways to improve checkout performance.

One bizarre experiment included an RFID-powered self-checkout kiosk that would stop the fiercely contested receipt checks.

However, that test run has been phased out.

At Target, items are being limited at self-checkout.

Last fall, the brand surveyed new express self-checkout lanes across 200 stores with 10 items or less for more convenience.

As of March 2024, this policy has been expanded across 2,000 stores in the US.

The shopper is confused about how it makes sense to close down the self-checkout aisles when they’re readily available. 

“Walmart is so trash. They even have 60% of the self-scan lanes closed. Typical Walmart business ethics,” they said.

“They had a whole section of self-scan isles in red. Nobody could use them and there was a line full of folks ready to scan themselves.”

“I understand closing the service isles, but the self-checkout lines!!!”

The U.S. Sun has reached out to Walmart for comment. 

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