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“FromSoft really sent us on a wild goose chase…”: Shadow of The Erdtree Concept Art Nothing But a Red Herring as Fans Cry for 1 Explanation

Now that players have had a fair bit of time exploring Shadow of the Erdtree, the general verdict is finally out. Elden Ring‘s one and only expansion is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most remarkable and challenging gaming experiences FromSoftware has ever produced.

From a lore standpoint, though, there are still many questions that need to be answered, especially about Miquella. Recently, one of the more prominent points of discussion involves the relationship of the controlling Empyrean with our Spectral Steed, Torrent.

Why Was Miquella Riding Torrent in Shadow of the Erdtree’s Promo Art?

Shadow of the Erdtree announcement art
The image that Shadow of the Erdtree was announced with led many to speculate that Miquella would be a direct ally. Image Credit: FromSoftware.

While most players are still trying to battle the expansion’s absolute bonkers of a final boss, it seems Youtuber Ziostorm has been attempting to re-establish a particular connection that most had almost forgotten about.

To refresh the memory, Shadow of the Erdtree‘s promotional art featured the expansion’s final antagonist, Miquella, riding Torrent through the Gravesite Plain. Given what the art portrayed, many people speculated that he would serve as a direct ally within the Land of Shadow, which is why he can be seen with Torrent.

The truth couldn’t be farther from the case now that we’ve gone through the expansion. However, the expansion has yet to give a concrete answer on whether there truly is a connection between our Honda Accord and the terrible Empyrean.

One of the more prominent theories is that Torrent was originally Miquella’s steed but became disenchanted once he divested himself of his godhood.

The wildest theory, yet one that many seem to echo through all the online discourse, is that the lack of answers can be attributed to changes brought to the narrative amidst development.

Another less exciting theory is that this was just a marketing thing on FromSoftware‘s part, giving us a breadcrumb trail that led nowhere.

Whatever the case, given how this may be the only expansion we’ll receive for the game, some questions may remain unanswered until the end of time.

A Lot of Lore-Related Questions Are Still Left Unanswered in the DLC

A key art from Elden Ring, featuring Marika during The Shattering.
Not even Dark Souls or Bloodborne left as many lore gaps as Elden Ring has. Image Credit: FromSoftware.

Out of all the Souls games that FromSoftware has produced, it feels as though Elden Ring is the only one deliberately left with excessive lore gaps and unanswered questions.

From the Gloam-Eye queen, Melina and Messmer’s past, the fate of Godwyn to the “Seduction and the Betrayal” of Marika, many key narrative components are still out of place and full of holes.

While one can think of this as FromSoftware’s usual way of letting people speculate and fill in the gaps themselves, something Miyazaki also engages in, it is admittedly a bit overdone with the game.

Perhaps this is the by-product of combining a game with such an incredible scale with FromSoftware’s usual storytelling technique. That said, one can still hope that FromSoftware will provide more answers in the future, perhaps outside the game if not within it.

What do you think is the connection between Miquella and Torrent? Let us know in the comments!

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