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“Four months for a Zelda toy is crazy”: Unfortunate Zelda-themed ‘Fidget’ Toy Earns One Man a Prison Sentence Due to Misunderstanding

Video game fans can be quite controversial if they decide to do so. They are often avid collectors and passionate about defending something they love. In this case, a Zelda fan was sentenced to 4 months in prison in the United Kingdom after a police officer found him with a real replica of the famous Master Sword. 

This fan’s replica, sharp and ready to use at any moment, was in his possession. He defended himself by saying that he only carried it because he really liked the saga from which the sword came; also, this replica was only 6 inches long.

UK Police Arrest a Man for Being a Zelda Fan

This Zelda fan is going to jail.
This Zelda fan is going to jail. Credits: Nintendo

Video games are one of the most popular forms of entertainment worldwide. Each year, they remain one of the most profitable industries. Their fans are known for being extremely passionate, even dressing up as the characters they love.

In the UK, one fan was arrested for having a replica of Link’s Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda by the Warwickshire Police.

The police arrested Anthony, a man walking through the streets of the United Kingdom, for possessing a replica of one of the most popular video game weapons.

Some fans believe the sentence is too severe.

This is a case that is making fans angry.

This man, who is clearly a Zelda fan, had a replica of the Master Sword that apparently had a sharp edge. The police caught him on video and quickly arrested him for having a bladed weapon in public.

A Replica of the Master Sword Brought Bad Luck

This Master Sword is bad luck.
This Master Sword is bad luck. Credits: Warwickshire Police

This incident went viral on social media, particularly on X, after well-known insider Wario64 shared it. More information about the incident has become available.

Some are calling out the police itself.

The police stated:

It is possible to find fidget toys that aren’t six-inch blades. It is possible not to walk down the street holding them out in front of you.

With a bit more self-awareness, Bray could have avoided contact with us completely.

The replica, measuring 6 inches in length, infuriated Twitter users, prompting them to demand the man’s release, as they believe he is being accused unfairly of an act he never committed or that he was never going to commit, only for having a tiny replica.

It has been decided that the man will be imprisoned for 4 months for carrying this replica in public. Gamers in general are outraged by this incident, finding it inexplicable given the small size of this particular replica.

At large expos where video game and movie fans gather, weapon replicas are often life-sized, and in those cases, it seems that the authorities do nothing about it. Therefore, the circumstances of this individual seem inexplicable to fans, particularly in light of the sentence he received only for being a fan of Zelda, a popular franchise in video games.

What are your thoughts on what happened? Let us know in the comments!

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