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Everyone can see the clothes in the closet but you have 20/20 vision if you can spot the cat hiding in under 7 seconds

A CLOSET is clearly full of clothes and accessories, but upon closer inspection is a cleverly-hidden cat.

The creature is lying in wait and finding it in under seven seconds could mean excellent vision.


A cat has cleverly hidden itself inside of a closet and finding it could mean excellent vision[/caption]

Redditor Ratto posted a picture of their closet on the social media platform.

“I was looking for my tuxedo cat all over the place,” they wrote.

A “tuxedo cat” refers to a feline with black and white colored fur.

Spotting the copious amount of clothes is easy, but locating the kitty may take a little more digging.


Several Redditors took a stab and locating the hiding feline.

“Always look in the darkest place first, then the highest place,” one advised.

“I’m still having problems seeing it,” another added.

“Literally was in the random spot I first chose to zoom in on. Found in 0.5 seconds,” said a third.

If you’re still having trouble finding the cat, shift your focus to the bottom right corner of the picture.

The feline’s face is peering out between the clothing in the closet.

“I found your cat almost immediately,” yet another Redditor said. “I knew to look in a dark lonely corner.”


The feline is peering out of the closet from under the clothing[/caption]


Its face can be seen between the piles of clothes in the closet[/caption]


If one wasn’t enough, another mind-bending puzzle requires locating a shinier object.

A wedding ring is lost among the patterns of a decorative carpet.

At first glance, it may look like nothing is there to begin with.

Upon further inspection, the valuable object is hiding in plain sight.

The silver-hued ring with a design welded on can be found in the rug.


A wedding ring is lost on a patterned carpet and finding it could mean you have the eyes of a hawk[/caption]

If you’re still scratching your head trying to find the jewelry, shift your eyes to the left of the photo.

The ring is located around midway through the left side of the picture.

“No way did I just skip over that shiny a** ring 120 times,” one Redditor wrote of the puzzle.

“I found this way too quick,” another added. “Kind of disappointed.”


The ring is on the left side of the picture of the carpet[/caption]


It’s a silver-toned ring with a welded design over top of it[/caption]

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