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Drew Carey helps Price is Right contestant spin wheel in sweet moment – but the host’s help cost her big money

A PRICE is Right contestant has missed out on the big prize due to Drew Carey’s help.

The game show contestant had to spin the wheel a few times and needed assistance.


Drew Carey had to help a Price is Right contestant on Tuesday’s show after she failed to spin the wheel correctly[/caption]


The host blamed himself after making contestant Ronnie lose out on the showcase[/caption]

On Tuesday’s episode, a contestant named Ronnie was the first up to spin the wheel.

Although she landed on 90, Drew, 66, told her that the wheel didn’t go around all the way.

“Oh no!” Ronnie said.

She spun again and the wheel barely made it halfway.

“Can I help you out?” Drew asked.

“Yes, please,” Ronnie told him.

Drew helped The Price is Right contestant spin, and the wheel got all the way around this time.

However, she landed on 15, which warranted another spin.

As he helped her spin the wheel again, Drew told her that she wanted an 85, to total 100.

The wheel spun around again, but landed on 95, making her over, and out of the game.

“I’ll take the blame for that. Ronnie, I’m so sorry,” Drew told her while shaking her hand.


Instead, Brett and Erica made it to the showcase round.

In the first showcase, Ronnie lost out on a new living room furniture set, board games, a subscription to Munch Addict, a 360-degree photo booth, and an SUV.

The second one had trips to Oregon and Maine and a new car.

The Price is Right Hosts

The Price is Right first came on TV in 1972. Fans fell in love with the game show so much that it has been on for over 50 years. Throughout that time, the show has had a few different hosts. Find out who they are below.

Bob Barker – 1972 to June 2007 (also became executive producer in 1988)

Drew Carey – October 2007 to present

Dennis James – filled in for Bob in 1974 when he missed four episodes, also hosted the nighttime version

Craig Ferguson – 2014 April Fools Day Special

Brett wound up winning the showcase.


This is not the first time this year that a contestant failed to spin the wheel on their own.

In May, a woman named Elvira was asked to leave the stage after her fourth attempt.

She spun the wheel very lightly and landed on 65 for her first spin.

Normally that would be a great first spin, but Drew told Elvira that it didn’t count.

“The wheel has to go around at least once,” the host said.

She spun again, not even going past the 65, and landed on 45.

“Here. Let me help you out,” Drew offered.

With Drew’s help, Elvira landed on 75 and he told her she had one more spin left.

The host tried to help her again, but Elvira told him she had it and Drew stepped away.

The spin landed in between numbers, so it didn’t count.

When Elvira spun for the fifth and final time, she landed on 40, going over 100.

Drew shook her hand and thanked her for coming before he escorted her off the stage.


Drew assisted Ronnie in spinning the wheel after she failed to make it go around completely twice[/caption]


After Ronnie got Drew’s help, she landed on the number 15 and he told her to spin again[/caption]


Ronnie’s second successful spin, landed her on 95, making her over 100, and she was eliminated[/caption]


Drew had to help another contestant spin the wheel in May but she wasn’t as nice[/caption]

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