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Costco members ‘shocked’ after Trader Joe’s receipt reveals $445 shopping trip – says store only good for certain foods

A TRADER Joe’s customer has revealed the cost of their recent grocery trip as Costco members urge them to reconsider.

They spent hundreds of dollars getting essentials for their family, including six children.


Shoppers have been baffled by a $445 receipt[/caption]


The slip was from Trader Joe’s and paid for a family of six[/caption]

On the receipt, a total of $444.38 could be seen, per a video posted on X, formerly Twitter.

“How much it costs to feed 6 kids,” the customer wrote in a caption.

The receipt quickly went viral among fellow shoppers, garnering over 68,000 views, and several urged them to opt for Costco on larger grocery trips for a big family.

“Go to Costco,” someone replied.

“Trader Joe’s is literally snack foods and stuff for your air fryer.”

Others echoed a similar sentiment, noting that they always head to Trader Joe’s for only snacks and other small items.

“It really is a snack food store,” a shopper commented.

“I love TJ’s but there’s no one store I shop at because everyone carries different things I need,” a third added.

Many were just left “shocked.”


Trader Joe’s and Costco are different stores with different business models.

Costco is a warehouse retailer and sells merchandise in bulk at discounted prices.

It also demands customers sign up for a membership — either the Gold Star at $60 per year or Executive at $120.

Although shoppers are required to pay the annual fee for a membership, they should save more money heading to Costco than Trader Joe’s or other high-end retailers like Whole Foods for groceries.


Still, several customers have complained of Costco’s price points this year and a few have canceled or threaten to cancel their memberships and head to competitors like Sam’s Club.

Costco membership sharing guidelines

Costco has strict rules for membership use that shoppers must follow and they’ve been cracking down on offenders in recent years.

  • Primary Member Use: Only the primary cardholder can use this Costco membership card. Sharing it for purchases is not allowed as the photo on the card must match the person using it.
  • Household Card: Each primary member can add one free household cardholder who lives at the same address. This person will receive their own membership card and can shop at Costco independently.
  • Guest Policy: Members can bring up to two guests per visit to Costco. However, only the member can make purchases. Guests must be accompanied by the member.
  • Authorized Cardholder: For an additional fee, you can add an authorized cardholder, such as a family member or friend, who doesn’t reside at your address. They will receive their own card and can shop independently.

Credit: Costco

A member who was with Costco for two decades recently decided to axe their subscription.

They claimed three items they would purchase often tripled in price, including pet food.

The shopper fumed that the bag they’d typically get originally cost $17 but gradually increased to now $37.

It was a situation that left them feeling like they were “throwing money away.”

Another member argued that prices at Costco were “more expensive than the neighborhood grocery store,” and advised shoppers to head elsewhere.

Other members have claimed costs at Costco were “too high” as they opted for subscriptions with competitors like BJ’s Wholesale Club instead.

Sam’s Club has also drawn a few customers from Costco due to a unique feature that can help some move through crowds with ease.

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