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Coronation Street’s Joel issues dark threat as he ‘lines up next victim’

Joel receives a phone call in Coronation Street
He is trying to cover his tracks (Picture: ITV)

Solicitor and creep Joel Deering (Calum Lill) made contact with another young woman in Monday’s (July 1) Coronation Street as he grew paranoid about his secret being exposed.

Last week, Joel approached Sabrina (Luana Santos) and started flirting with her. The teen had previously spoken to Joel when her brother got arrested, and enjoyed the way he was chatting to her as they sat on a bench together.

After Joel suggested adding whiskey to their coffees, he left, and Sabrina’s friend arrived.

As Sabrina told her mate about Joel, she very quickly sussed him out. The newcomer said that Joel is a weird 30-something-year-old who won’t be kind to someone without expecting something in return.

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On the cobbles, Sabrina’s friend approached Joel and made it clear she knows he’s bad news and wanted money in return for her silence.

Towards the end of the week, Sabrina’s mate returned to our screens as her identity was confirmed. Her name is Betsy (Sydney Martin), and she also happens to be DS Lisa Swain’s (Vicky Myers) daughter.

In the instalment, we saw Joel and oblivious fiancee Dee-Dee (Channique Sterling-Brown) enjoy drinks with their family at the Viaduct Bistro to celebrate their engagement, but it became apparent that he had other things on his mind.

After another text from the girl asking for cash, he tried to make his excuses but was unable to get away – and then she turned up.

Pretending to Dee-Dee that she was a troubled client, she agreed to allow him some time to speak to her one-on-one, in a hope it would clear his diary for the rest of the day.

Joel Deering stands in the street in Coronation Street
Joel was confronted by the new face (Picture: ITV)
Sydney Martin in character as Betsy Swain in Coronation Street outside the Rovers
Betsy is Swain’s daughter (Picture: ITV)

Charging outside, he ushered Betsy onto Brewery Lane behind Underworld, and told her that if she continued to make ‘false allegations’, she would regret it.

Quickly bundling her some cash, he promised to get her some more and she headed off.

Monday’s episode of Coronation Street largely featured Joel and Dee-Dee talking about their living arrangements, and Adam (Sam Robertson) moving out of the flat so Joel could sleep in the other bedroom.

When he was left alone, Joel was seen texting Betsy and confirmed he will get her more money, but needs her to stay out of his life afterwards.

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But will cash be enough to keep Betsy quiet about the real Joel?

‘Betsy is a very interesting character,’ actress Sydney Martin said, clearly loving getting to grips with her complex alter-ego.

‘She’s very feisty from what we’ve heard and very cocky. Obviously her mum is a powerhouse of a woman, a really strong and powerful character. She’s very intelligent and obviously that’s passed down to Betsy.

‘Whether she uses that in an intelligent way, I don’t know! She’s so much fun to play. She’s so interesting and has so many layers. We’ll definitely find out more about her little cheeky personality.’

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