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Claim to Fame: What is Tom Hanks’ niece Carly Reeves doing now?

A REALITY competition show has revealed the identity of Tom Hanks’ niece.

Carly Reeves competed on the show Claim to Fame in 2023.


Carly Reeves competed on Season 2 of ABC’s reality competition show, Claim to Fame[/caption]

Who is Tom Hanks’ niece, Carly Reeves?

Carly Reeves is the niece of Forrest Gump actor Tom Hanks.

She was born on January 24, 1984, in Los Angeles, California, and like her uncle, is known for her career as an actress.

Reeves got her start in the entertainment industry in the early 2000s while attending classes at the UCLA School of Theater with a role in the 2004 film Raise Your Voice.

In the film, she played the role of Kelly, the mean girl opposite Hilary Duff’s character Teresa “Terri” Fletcher.

Additionally, Reeves has starred in the films The Life of Lucky Cucumber (2009), Larry Crowne (2011), and Philophobia: or the Fear of Falling in Love (2019).

In 2023, Reeves was briefly a contestant on season two of Claim to Fame.

Claim to Fame is a reality competition show on ABC that challenges 12 celebrity relatives to step outside their famous family members’ shadows.

On the show, which is co-hosted by brothers Kevin and Frankie Jonas, all 12 contestants live under one roof and try their best to conceal their identities and lineage.

The show’s contestants compete to win the $100,000 cash prize.

What is Tom Hanks’ niece, Carly Reeves, doing now?

Since her appearance on Claim to Fame, Carly Reeves has returned to her acting career.

She starred in the Lifetime original movie Cruise Ship Murder, which premiered on May 25, 2024.

Reeves also shares original songs and covers on social media.

She shared an original song, which is a Taylor Swift parody, about her time on Claim to Fame.

On Instagram, she told her 6000 followers that she sang, wrote, and edited the song.


Carly Reeves is an actress who also shares music on Instagram[/caption]

What did Carly Reeves say about her Claim to Fame exit?

Carly Reeves was the first contestant to get eliminated during the show’s second season, which was a decision she did not agree with.

After her elimination, Reeves was seen crying and exclaiming that she should “have more camera time” and “should be here longer.”

She also complained that the clues were too obviously referencing her uncle’s starring role in the iconic movie Forrest Gump.

“I was really upset,” Reeves explained during an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

“I think I overreacted a little bit, but I’m an emotional, very dramatic person. I was really angry that I didn’t get a chance to play as long as some of other contestants.

“I mean, there was no one to be angry at. I was just angry in general at myself, and at the fact that I was going home. And then that turned to complete despair and sadness,” she continued.

“I even say, like, ‘I should get more camera time!’ That’s just so silly of me to say. But I also was just saying things out of my mouth.”

Later in the interview, Reeves told the outlet that she wanted her uncle to watch the episode but hoped she didn’t embarrass him.

“I hope so. I mean, maybe I don’t want him to watch it because I don’t want to embarrass him for any reason,” Reeves said.

“I hope I don’t embarrass him, but I don’t think I do. So, I would love for him to watch it, because I think it’s hilarious…

“He’s happy for me no matter what. He did ask me, ‘Did you make some money?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, I made a little bit.’ And he said, ‘Ok, good.’ So, he was happy that I made a little money.”

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