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Christina Applegate reveals dream plans for ‘the days she has left’ amid devastating MS battle

Christina Applegate
Christina Applegate announced she had been diagnosed with MS in 2021 (Picture: Getty)

Christina Applegate has revealed how she would love to spend her remaining days, amid her ongoing health battles.

In 2021, the Dead Like Me actress revealed that she had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and stepped back from the spotlight to focus on her health.

The 52-year-old previously sparked concerns when she shared that she is in a ‘deep depression’ over her symptoms, and that she currently ‘doesn’t enjoy living’ – something she later clarified.

Taking to Twitter, she opened up about her bucket list for the rest of her life, and her plans involve some very big names.

‘There are things I want to do with the days I have left in life,’ she posted. ‘I want to work with Shirley MacLaine And do shots with Cher!

‘And yes my days are so big. Just saying.’

Christina Applegate
The Netflix legend spoke out about her symptoms in the past (Picture: Getty)

Fans rushed to praise Christina’s choices, sharing their hopes that she’s able to achieve all her hopes.

Audrey replied: ‘I wish you to fulfill the dreams you still have. You are the Best!’

‘How about a docu-series? Christina’s Bucket List, and they film you doing all the things you want to do,’ Arnie Grape suggested.

JoJo agreed: ‘Awwww I hope you get to go all that and even more!!! Power on!’

Cher has yet to respond to the post herself, but we’re sure they’re already getting a date in the diary…

MS is a lifelong condition that damages nerves in the body and makes it difficult for sufferers to do everyday things, including walking, talking and eating.

It causes a wide range of potential symptoms, including fatigue, difficulty walking, problems with balance and co-ordination, and issues with vision.

There is currently no cure, but some treatments can help the symptoms.

Christina Applegate
Christina wants to spend her remaining days doing shots with Cher (Picture: Getty)

Christina announced her diagnosis on social media in 2021, and recently started the MeSsy podcast with fellow sufferer Jamie-Lynn Sigler, to discuss their conditions and how they are coping.

Speaking in a recent episode, she revealed that she was struggling with the symptoms, and is no longer ‘enjoying things’.

‘This is being really honest … I don’t enjoy living. I don’t enjoy it. I don’t enjoy things anymore,’ she declared. ‘I’m in a depression right now, which I don’t think I’ve felt that for years. Like a real, f**k it all depression.

What is Multiple Sclerosis?

From the NHS, MS is a condition affecting the brain and spinal cord, affecting balance and vision.

It’s a lifelong condition which effects people differently, ranging from mild symptoms to serious disability, and can be progressive.

Symptoms include:

  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty walking
  • Vision problems
  • Numbness and tingling, muscle stiffness and spasms
  • Balance and co-ordination problems
  • Problems thinking, learning and planning

‘Real depression where it’s scaring me, too, a little bit because it feels really fatalistic, it feels really end of. I’m not saying that, I don’t mean that…

‘I’m trapped in this darkness right now that I haven’t felt [in] I don’t even know how long, probably 20-something years.’

‘I have avoided therapy since I’ve been diagnosed because I’m so afraid to start crying, and that I’m not going to be able to end crying,’ she added.

‘I’m so afraid for those floodgates to open, and that I won’t be able to stop.’

Addressing her remarks in a subsequent instalment, Christina explained that their podcast was a ‘safe space’ to get everything out that she had been feeling.

Christina Applegate
She previously made headlines after discussing her depression (Picture: Getty)

‘Ask me how I am, Jamie,’ the Friends favorite began. ‘Oh my god, you guys, I’m so good. Isn’t that what everyone wants to hear? I’m good. Does that take a little bit of the pressure off of all of you? I’m good.

‘I was talking about some dark stuff that I was thinking and feeling. … This is our safe place to get things out because I feel like when we hold things in, we give them power.

‘There’s so much shame a lot of people feel when they’re going through mental health issues. It’s not mental issues. It’s not a problem. It’s a moment. It’s a thought. It’s a feeling. And when people hold those in because they’re so afraid to say how they truly feel, we give it immense power.

‘It’s important to be able to say these things. And, no, I’m not sitting here on suicide watch. I am not. Nor have I ever been.’

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