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Camila Cabello reveals she almost quit playing festival gigs after Isle of Wight disaster before her Glastonbury triumph

SHE gave a triumphant performance at Glastonbury, where she was hailed as one of the weekend’s best acts.

But Camila Cabello has revealed she was almost put off playing festivals entirely after one disastrous set at the rival Isle of Wight event.


Camila Cabello says she was almost put off playing ­festivals after a disastrous set at the Isle of Wight event[/caption]


But the star, above with Bizarre’s ­Howell Davies, was hailed as one of Glastonbury’s best acts[/caption]

During a chat with Bizarre’s ­Howell Davies in London this week — after posing for a snap together — the Havana singer said of her Glasto set: “It was a huge crowd.

“I am always a little nervous before festivals generally because it’s not necessarily people there who are ­coming to see just you. I always expect the worst, but I was so pleasantly surprised.

“People were being so warm and engaging.

“It was hot, so I could completely understand it if everyone was cranky and had had their arms crossed.

“I’ve actually played some festivals that were like that. I remember Isle of Wight was ­difficult.”

Pretending to cry, she continued: “I remember being like, ‘Festivals are hard. I don’t want to do festivals any more’.”

Unfortunately, Camila had no chance to stick about on Worthy Farm after her set on Saturday, as she has been zooming around the world promoting her brilliantly bonkers new album C,XOXO, which came out on Friday and is due to hit the Top Ten tomorrow.

She said of Glasto: “It’s very intense. It smells like a farm. There were a lot of tents.

“We actually had a crazy experience where we were in Denmark the night before and landed at six in the morning, that morning.

“I wish I could have stayed there, but I would have literally passed out. I was exhausted.”

That didn’t stop her ­hitting The Box nightclub in London on Tuesday, right, for a party thrown by Bacardi in honour of her new record.

The album sees Camila explore a hip-hop sound for the first time, including collaborations with Drake and Lil Nas X, but it was not all plain sailing when it came to making it.

‘Nervous breakdown’

In fact, she said it felt like she was having frequent “nervous breakdowns”.

Camila explained: “With any project, there’s just waves where everything is amazing and three days where it’s like, ‘Wow, I just wrote this song in 30 ­minutes and I wrote this song in three hours and it’s so easy’.

“Then the next week, you’re like, ‘I don’t know how to do this. I don’t know how to put words together. I think that was it’.

“There were waves of crippling s**t where I thought that might be my last good day.

“I think I had a nervous breakdown probably, like, once a month.”

At least she can see the funny side now.

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