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“Bro’s against any type of fun”: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s New Bitvela Mode Proves to be the Line at Which Some Won’t Cross

Military shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield are considered staples of the genre. It seems like bringing a lot of content to satiate the hunger of today’s generation has caused them to lose touch with their reality. Fans are sad to see what has happened to them.

In the latest conversation on X (formerly Twitter), they kept the newly introduced Playlist Modifier at the center. It looks like, as opposed to paving a path to evolution, Activision is going backwards instead. They are in need of a better plan, it seems.

Activision Need Not Modifiers But Some Modification

New Call of Duty map appears to have been pulled straight out of Minecraft.
New Call of Duty map appears to have been pulled straight out of Minecraft. Credits: CupOfRobots on YouTube

Call of Duty before was fun. Now it’s just a bunch of experiments with loads of content being filled with every season. It’s still got a good user base, but social media conversations appear to indicate that fans aren’t enjoying the experience.

Just recently, Call of Duty introduced a Playlist Modifier with a few game modes and a little twist to the usual gameplay. One of them was the Bit Party modifier, which gave Favela an 8-bit-ey revamp that came out as Bitvela afterwards.

Fans are missing the fun and were seen discussing it on social media.

A user called Me Is Serf believes things aren’t same anymore.

Spidermansjunk appeared to be hanging loose, as he didn’t mind the Minecraft-esque modifier.

Another one dubbed MamaSoyFelito pressed the very issue that has been bugging the community. The game is basically becoming Fortnite with fancy skins and more emphasis on collaborations.

Scott Yendle appears to be convinced that the franchise has been ruined for good.

Maybe not if developers managed to turn things around with the upcoming game, Black Ops 6.

Who Knew a Call of Duty Clone Would be Better Than The Original

The player roaming around the new Bitvela map.
The player roaming around the new Bitvela map. Credits: CupOfRobots on YouTube

Interestingly, while Call of Duty appears to be following a path to become games like Minecraft and Roblox, some fans of these creation-based games are doing the same.

Last year, somebody made a game using Roblox dubbed Frontlines where it would be hard for anyone to convince others that it’s not Call of Duty. From movement to mechanics, everyone who played the game appeared to be captivated by it.

Maybe if the Bit Party modifiers had destructible environments like Battlefield games, it would add some fun for fans and they would stay. If not, they should add the original Verdansk from the first Warzone that they have been craving lately.

It’s not until October 2024 that the players get to see the next Activision game. Fans will be hoping to see something that they can appreciate with the return of Black Ops this year.

How has your experience been with the new playlist modifier? We would like to know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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