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Bachelorette fans call out technical difficulties during Jenn’s premiere episode and rage ‘we deserve better than this!’

BACHELORETTE fans have raged over technical difficulties interrupting the Season 21 premiere.

Angry fans flocked to X, formerly Twitter, to critique streaming platforms as the episode aired partially without sound for some viewers.


The Bachelorette fans have been left fuming as technical difficulties interrupted the premiere of Jenn Tran’s season premiere[/caption]

One Bachelorette fan posted a video on X of their television screen, showing Jenn Tran, 26, meeting her first suitor – a veteran named Marcus – with no voice audio.

The closed captions on the episode were on and working.

“@DenverChannel Hi! – I am trying to watch the Bachelorette on YouTube TV and there is no audio. Just music – CC works fine but there is no voice audio,” they posted.

Another viewer posted a message to The Bachelorette and ABC, complaining that they were facing technical difficulties watching the show on Hulu.

“@BacheloretteABC hello Bachelorette, I am watching from Denver, CO on Hulu TV. There is no audio for the dialogue. We can hear the background music, and the talking on commercials. But no dialogue from the show. What gives?” they asked.

“My Hulu out here NOT serving. @BacheloretteABC doesn’t have sound/audio/it’s only background music and I am SUFFERING. We deserve better than this,” a third fan complained.

“Is anyone else watching the Bachelorette on YouTube TV and it’s only showing the background sound like no vocals,” another Bachelorette viewer asked on social media.

“MY BACHELORETTE HAS NO SOUND WHAT DO I DO,” a fifth person posted.

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