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Bachelorette fans are convinced suitor Sam N. is this season’s ‘villain’ after odd introduction & rage ‘he’s gotta go!’

BACHELORETTE fans have been left convinced that Sam N. is the villain on Season 21.

The entrepreneur from California rubbed some viewers the wrong way.


Bachelorette fans have been left convinced that Sam N. is the Season 21 villain[/caption]

Sam N. stepped out of the limo to meet Jenn Tran at the new Bachelorette mansion early in the Season 21 premiere.

She complimented his impressive eyelashes, which producers revealed that he curls.

He then sat back with other early arrivals, watching as her hopeful suitors continued to arrive.

While some contestants kept it traditional, others were clearly thinking outside the box.

A Bachelorette contestant called Brendan arrived with a handful of hot peppers, chowing down on them one-by-one.

Another contestant arrived on a stretcher with bandages over his face and no underwear on, and yet a second showed up calling himself a “love virgin.”

While Sam N. didn’t say much after his entrance, fans have been left he’s this season’s bad guy.

One Bachelorette viewer tweeted an old TikTok video the suitor shared on social media before appearing on the show.

It showed him gifting an unidentified woman a necklace.

“POV: Me watching her through the necklace I gave her in case we ever break up,” text over the clip read.

The fan who shared it added, “Sam N. has been a villain to me since I saw this video on Bachelor Reddit.”

“Me knowing that Sam [N] is gonna be a villain but as of right now, I’m attracted to him,” another person posted on X.

“Sam [N]…something about him…screams this season villain,” a third Bachelorette fan wrote.

“Sam’s gotta go. Get him the f**k out IMMEDIATELY,” a fourth critic complained.


Sam N. isn’t the only aspect of Jenn’s season of the Bachelorette that’s drawing critique.

Although this season’s promises to be historic, with Jenn the first Asian Bachelorette, viewers were disappointed that Maria Georgas and Daisy Kent weren’t selected as this season’s lead.

Both women stated during podcast interviews that they were approached to lead the upcoming season, but turned down the opportunity.

Fans on X discussed the new season ahead of the premiere, with one wondering, “Is this the most anticipated season of The Bachelorette since Hannah B. was the lead?!” 

“Man, this is the least anticipated season in years and years. It started off when the crowd favorite didnt accept, now the marketing has been quiet. I hope she surprises us all with a great season,” another viewer commented.


Still, ABC has been hard at work promoting the upcoming season of The Bachelorette.

One day before the show premiered, the network released a trailer teasing tension between Jenn and some of the Bachelorette hopefuls.

“I’m gonna do things in my own way,” Jenn said in the teaser.

“My love story is gonna be crazy and chaotic and fun.”

The trailer showed Jenn growing frustrated with some of the men on the show, claiming they were “making decisions for her.”

“If someone is here for the wrong reasons, I will find out,” she stated.

Jenn was featured on Joey Graziadei‘s season of The Bachelor,

She was sent home just before hometowns.

She was announced as The Bachelorette in March during the show’s After the Final Rose episode.

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