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AGT fans rage ‘waste of time!’ as show kicks off episode with ‘horrible’ acts and call out producers for poor decision

VIEWERS have shared their frustrations after watching a recent America’s Got Talent episode.

This week, the audition portion of the reality TV show continued as judges Sofia Vergara, 51, Simon Cowell, 64, Howie Mandel, 68, and Heidi Klum, 51, looked for the best acts from around the world.


America’s Got Talent fans were outraged after watching the first 15 minutes of the reality competition series – including a woman dressed as a tiger[/caption]


During the beginning of the show, fans witnessed many acts that didn’t move forward in the competition – including a man dressed as an owl[/caption]


Judge Simon Cowell wasn’t pleased with the acts[/caption]

On Tuesday night, America’s Got Talent began by showing some acts that didn’t make it through to the next round.

Many auditions received X’s from each judge, meaning it was a definite no.

The first act was a man singing a song in an owl costume – leaving the judges unamused and uninterested.

The next act included a woman dressed in a tiger onesie and face paint on and told the judges some jokes – which they nor the audience didn’t find funny

Another man auditioning came out in a t-shirt and towel with a crown on his head talking about Goat vs. Fish – getting thumbs down from both the judges and the crowd.


The fourth act of the night had two brothers from Tokyo, Japan dressed in all white with bowl haircuts and the letter T on their T-shirts.

At first, the crowd and judges were skeptical of what their talent was.

By the end, they had everyone laughing with their skit about things beginning with the letter T.

“I thought it was the perfect audition. I loved it I had fun! I think you guys have the best personalities you are like comedians, you made our night,” Sofia told them.

Simon said, “I’m just sitting here thinking ‘What do I say?’

“And then, halfway through, I got it. You two are hilarious.”


On X, formerly Twitter, fans shared their distaste for the beginning 15 minutes.

“This season sucks,” one viewer admitted admitted. “The good acts are bad and the bad acts aren’t even funny bad it’s just sad bad.”

“Rough start,” wrote another.

America’s Got Talent judges

THOUSANDS of hopefuls have graced the America’s Got Talent stage to showcase their abilities.

Here is some more information about the A-list judges.

Simon Cowell – On October 22, 2015, it was revealed Simon was replacing Howard Stern on the AGT judges panel. He became a judge during the program’s 11th season and has since remained a series regular.

Heidi Klum – In March 2013, Heidi was announced as Sharon Osbourne’s replacement on AGT. After a few seasons off, she returned during Season 15.

Sofia Vergara – On February 27, 2020, NBC revealed Sofia was replacing Gabrielle Union for AGT season 15.

Howie Mandel – Out of all the panelists, Howie Mandel is the longest-tenured judge on America’s Got Talent. Howie joined the hit reality series during the show’s 5th season replacing David Hasselhoff.

“That first 10 minutes was a joke. This is the type of night we’re in for?” a third questioned.

“The judges cannot be serious. The TT brothers are awful. Nothing funny about them. Just annoying,” a fourth said.

A fifth tweeted, “It’s weirdly stupid, you’d not pay to see that. I love a bad act, but that was just, not good.”


Fans were left shocked at a dynamic duo received praise from both the audience and judges[/caption]

Someone else said, “Why do the producers allow this crap through? It’s not fun.”

“That was the worst opening set of AGT auditions ever!” a seventh viewer stated.

Another exclaimed, “Waste of time!” in all caps.

Tune in next week for a new episode of America’s Got Talent on NBC – check your local listings.


An anonymous man dressed as an owl received a harsh No from the judges[/caption]


Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, Simon Cowell on America’s Got Talent[/caption]


Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, Simon Cowell were left unamused at the beginning set of auditions[/caption]

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